Krasnoyarsk / Rusya 2018

As a person who devoted my life to music and completed my education on music for years, beyond that, the most important thing in my life was the desire to discover new places and cultures. With my interest in photography, I began to feel more enthusiastic to explore the world. Especially after my journey to Finland to see the northern lights I began to make more serious plans for traveling and research. I establish this site to make publications about the journeys and researches that I have made so far and I plan to do it in the future.

İnari / Finlandiya
İnari / Finlandiya

How good it is to migrate every day!
How beautiful it is to stop somewhere every day!
How nice it is to flow without freezing and getting muddy!
What word that belongs to yesterday,
Is gone, my loved one, with yesterday,
Now is the time to say new things.

Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi